not sure


Not sure when I’m going to get around to keeping all my promises; right now I’m sitting at the kitchen island, looking out at the wet garden, and the hydrangea that are just starting to bloom.  I should be doing something else, but I’m taking a minute to catch up on the doings, because there has been so much doing.

I can never decide when I like plants the most…the anticipation stage, where the blooms are just in the small, sweet bud stage, or when they are all big and in full show.  I do, I really do want to take pictures.  And I should have, say, when the saskatoons were in bloom.  That would have been pretty; it was.  And the deal with them slowly ripening; also pretty.  And now?  They were very large and very good, at least by robin standards.  We managed to eat a few (a very few) and I can’t wait for next year and the next, when the bush will be bigger and more for everyone.  But now, there isn’t much point in taking a photo of empty branches, now is there?

But yeah, the hydrangea are blooming, and the daylily within the next week, for sure.  The Siberian irises finished, but you should see how big the rhubarb is getting.  Just planted a month ago, and wow.  But the Heavenly Ice Angel daylily?  Blah and meh.  It made it out of the ground, and then just seemed to…stop.  I gave it iron, and everything.  I haven’t had much success with my grasses (Big Blue Stem and Northwind) either.

Those guys, though, are just the few.  Everything else is making me so happy just by seeing and being.  The new additions to the garden last week were speedwell, coneflower, something I think is golden rod, false sunflower, and a queen of the prairie.  Those guys got poked into the woodsy area, around the red-leaf rose and the lupins.  Which are blooming, really!  The anticipation of everything filling out and growing into each other is making me giddy.  I am not a minimalistic gardener, by any means, but good structure is important, and getting all the shrubs installed last year means that this year is more “play and pretty.”  And I am so happy with my domestic and my woodsy side!  (You’d think it was a huge garden, but it’s not.  Again, with the pictures…)

There was one picture taken while we were camping last weekend…


And no photos taken while we were strawberry picking, on the morning that we dropped Sonja off at the airport.  (I don’t like taking photos on the berry field, because I have a tendency to worry about getting berry juice on the camera.)  But that morning had the alarm set at 6:00, kid at airport at 8:00, strawberry picking by 10:00, then off to work at 12:30.  It was a very productive day.  Elena cleaned and froze the strawberries for a jam making session later.  I think she might have made supper that day, too.

Ever since I made the decision to work full time this summer, things have been up in the air.  And scattered randomly, getting done when they can.  There has not been as much guilt as I thought, because I like my job so much, but the change has been really, really felt.  I suppose even more so, because of Sonja’s 18th birthday, her graduation and holiday, which are big events in any life process.  And all the stuff that I really like doing, that I want to get done anyway.  Making time for that, too.

She’s having a great time, just in case you were worried…(not me!)…She made it through all the airports, met up with wonderful family, and is now at the festival, making new friends and learning tons of new dances.  She’ll be in Copenhagen by next week.  I’m surprisingly relaxed that she’s gone, probably due to the fact that there is nothing I can do, anyway.  But more than likely also due to the fact that there is extended family very close, and friends from our dance group at the Nordlek festival as well!

The rest of July should manage to be a little more manageable, and I have a whole bunch of time off in August.  The vegetable garden is on my mind, now, as the cucumbers are slowly getting bigger, and the cantaloupes are tiny and perfect.  So exciting to see them on the vine!  The kale has been a huge success.  Literally.  I just need to get in there and weed.

And sort laundry.  Supper will be made by my awesome Elena, again, but I really, really should get at that laundry again so I can find my work clothes.  Important, that.

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One Response to not sure

  1. woolythymes says:

    That camping photo is PRICELESS!!! :) sounding like you could use a couple more hours to your day…..when I find a couple extra ones, I’ll send them your way. (don’t hold your breath!!!)

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