the legs, they are not happy with me


Winnipegers joke that there are two seasons; winter and construction. This summer, I have been so very frustrated with construction season, as every viable route that I use to go to work has some sort of road work happening on it. After coming home not-exactly-in-tears-but-very-close-to-it, it was suggested to me that I take my bike to work.

It’s been tough, but rewarding and awesome at the same time. The beautiful prairie scenery and bits of wildlife that cross my path are so gratifying, as is the fresh, summery smell of the clover and alfalfa.

But my legs…are still adjusting. Those hills, and the 45 minutes that it takes to get to work, and then the 7 hours on my feet, then the 45 minutes back means that by the time I get home, my legs just don’t want to be under me anymore. Too bad everything at home requires a vertical position, including the shower to clean off after I drag my sweaty carcass through the door!

It’s been two weeks, and it’s been good; but those legs just don’t love me at the end of the day! I wonder when they’ll catch up…

While we were walking the dogs on Sunday, I came across this oak leaf with gall on it. Although it has nothing to do with anything, I thought it was the prettiest gall I had ever seen, and had to share.

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