what ho!


Where to start? It’s been busy?!?

And then it becomes a random, check-list, missed-August (but such a good August!) post…and so…there were:

~ Lots of beans! Delicious beans with sautéed garlic, butter, salt and pepper. Bean soup. Pickled beans from my friend’s family recipe.

~ Carrots that got made into pickles. Four jars so far.

~ Cucumbers that also got made into pickles; and even some of my Granny’s recipe. Then there was the relish making, with the shredded onions making everyone cry for hours.

~ Apple-rhubarb oat muffins. With 5 apples from my apple tree, and one stalk of rhubarb that I wasn’t supposed to harvest from my newly planted rhubarb.

~ Zucchini soup, zucchini chocolate cake, shredded zucchini, zucchini cookies…all for the freezer.

~ Two batches (so far) of marinara sauce. One of the batches was made with the tomatoes roasted on the Big Green Egg.

~ A big stock pot of beet borscht, and roasted baby beets.

And there was work, Folklorama and some very stressful contractor negotiations mixed in there, too. C’est la vie.

The girls were both working this summer, (which was awesome!) and responsible for their own transportation (most of the time…except when it rained…or hailed), and we bought Sonja a cheap, used bike to get her back and forth. The route was part urban forest, part asphalt bike path, and sometimes, they even saw deer on the morning trek. Almost as nice as my route (although they would say that prairie dogs aren’t as exciting as deer)!

Summer isn’t over yet, there is another camping trip planned for this weekend, and the garden will be waiting for me when we come back. Red cabbage, kale, squash and potatoes, melons and more tomatoes, still.

It has been so good.

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  1. planetcoops says:

    That sounds fantastic and productive!

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