There are Emily Carr roses still blooming as my gooseberry bush starts to change to its fall colour; the false sunflower and the coneflower are in their season, and even though the calendar tells me that it just turned to fall, we have been doing our transition into the season for a few weeks now.

The end of September means that I have almost two weeks (and 8 days off work) to get the rest of the produce off the garden and cleaned up. My head is so into that deadline that I’m making myself nervous, but that always happens this time of year. The butternut squash are coming along just great, but the honeynut have to turn bright orange before they can be harvested. Not sure I have enough time, because only a few have started that transition. One row of carrots is still in the ground, and a few beets yet. The beets will be made into pickles, because I only got three small jars from the batch I made two weeks ago. And on it goes, really, but we did take the last of the cantaloupe off (7!) and they have been just delicious.

Sonja has been doing her best to work hard with the new schedule of university classes and professors. She was unlucky enough to catch a cold the first week, so has been sneezing her way through the tissue boxes. We also spent some time with more scholarship applications, and job applications. And she’s been using her new computer, trying to streamline use for studying and lectures; and occasionally translating English to French and back again. So many changes for her, the least of which has been her bicycle commute.

Elena has been getting back into her usual routine, starting improv again, and even having time for a short-term babysitting job. She’s doing good, even though she has caught Sonja’s cold.

And I am still cycling my way to and from work; only one more week until I switch to a part-time schedule. I am looking forward to a bit more “free” time.

September has been lovely, and October is one week away!

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