bestest buds


Today the dogs are snuggling side by side on the living room rug; it’s raining, I’m home, and this is their usual nap time because the house is usually empty at this time of day.

There is absolutely nothing nicer than getting down in the floor to snuggle myself right in between their fuzzy warmth. On those mornings where Loki had got me up wayyyy earlier than summer sunrise, I’d pull out a few blankets and we’d make a nest right on the floor. And he’d snuggle in and give me a big sigh as he fell back asleep. Odin, on the other hand, is not a snuggler. He gives a very grouchy growl if you happen to try to cuddle. But if you cuddle and rub his belly, he will acquiesce. Grudgingly. But above all, no kisses. He hates kisses.

My Loki and my Odin; my sleepy companions this morning.

They were busy with me in the house and garden yesterday, though, just getting all the last of the last done before the rain today. Gladioli bulbs lifted, boxwood planted; dog beds washed and hung on the line. Pots sorted and put away, tomato cages stored. The honeynut squash that was hanging out in the garage got sorted as well, and the good ones stored in the basement. Which lead to a bit more organizing, and taking down the dried basil for crumbling. And they had to make sure they were on hand for everything, even if they were supervising from the comfort of the couch on the deck, with their eyes closed.

Quite a bit like today, actually.

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2 Responses to bestest buds

  1. trinagallop says:

    I love so much that Loki and Odin are the bestest buds. It makes my heart want to burst. Hugs to both those sweet squishes (with maybe a little belleh rub in it for Odin so he doesn’t mind the cuddle as much). :)

  2. The same happens here … the whippets find the closest patch of sun to wherever I happen to be and keep one half open eye on me working while they snooze. And as soon as I stop for fifteen minutes to put my feet up and enjoy a cuppa they all pile around me on the sofa. I reckon every home should have a loving dog or five!

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