weekending with pumpkins


This weekend was one of the busiest, yet so relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. It was so full of activities for each and all of us. Saturday saw us hosting a Halloween party for Elena, complete with a scavenger hunt and pumpkin carving. Sonja did an amazing job with hair and makeup for Elena to be Poison Ivy from Batman. Then, we went to see the local AHL hockey team play, (and lose) from the vantage point of box seats. It was a great game anyway. Sonja then turned herself into a bottle of ketchup to go to an early Halloween party hosted by her friend. Sunday was brunch at the Scandinavian Centre, a trip to the yarn store, a walk with the dogs, a spray paint project, and a fundraising concert performed by a talented group of local singers. Elena went to the movies with her friend, Chadd went to the movies with his, and Sonja did a honey and vinegar hair wrap before working on homework that had a ton of calculations in it.

Thank goodness for Monday, when I get to Get A Grip on the rest of the week before we move into November. Which will be full of candles and crafting.

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1 Response to weekending with pumpkins

  1. Francesca says:

    I wish you’d included a photo of the makeup! I’m going to have to brave the (utterly ridiculous) Italian Halloween this weekend, because daughter is relentlessly asking to go …

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