I sent out “Poison Ivy” trick-or-treating tonight.


Elaborate make up seems to be her costume of choice this year. For her dress-up day at school, she went as a gothic “Raggedy Anne” doll. Big eyelashes painted on her cheeks, red cheeks and lots of freckles. She was adorable, including the black dress, tights and shoes.

Next year will probably be her last year out. We’ve had some really great costumes over the years; its been a great excuse to be creative, as much as I stressed about them. I’ll have to start thinking about next year!

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3 Responses to dress-up

  1. Francesca says:

    gorgeous girl and make up! I stood in line for over an hour so that daughter could get her makeup done at the local halloween do – I swore to myself to buy the materials, and do it ourselves next year (because something tells me that she’s not going to outgrow it by then …)

    • Laura says:

      Green pencil eyeliner and black wet eyeliner pen, with a line or two from the silver eyeliner. Around here, the “cut-off” age for going trick-or-treat is, honestly, 16.

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