I might as well announce it right now…

My New Year’s resolution is to achieve a better sense of perspective.

This year was great. My goal this year had been to “do better” and in a lot of respects, I did. Better time management, less procrastinating, better money management, better food and garden making/produce/harvest/preserving. I worked full time and loved it. I biked to work for three, almost four full months, which lead to better health. More making, more new opportunities and experiences.

I hope it continues :)

This year, I’d like to have a more open mind, a better sense of perspective and a better ability to take things in stride.

That’s it, in a nutshell.

In other news, I opened up a jar of spicy carrot pickles that I made in August. They were spectacular! Amazing, delicious and so very, very good. I am so happy that they turned out so well. It was such a treat, opening up a jar from so many months ago, and having success.

The Christmas market was a fun experience for both me and Elena; we did make wayyyy too many candles, and all the wool hot pad/trivets sold except one. I find that perhaps my expectations are too high when it comes to potential sales, but I really enjoy making candles and we had such fun making the characters on the hot pads (the toes on the owl! the antenna on the caterpillar!) so I declare the day a success. One of the actual comments about the hot pads was that it was so hard to chose just one!

The advent candles have been lit. And Elena, after knitting her friend a Christmas gift, proceeded to carve one of the beeswax tapers into a daily advent calendar. Hers turned out better than mine!

So, the tree arrived yesterday and my December count has begun.

Only 23 days until Christmas !

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1 Response to perspective

  1. Francesca says:

    it must feel good to have met your new year resolution! as for the candles that didn’t get sold – I can see many cozy candle-lit winter nights in your future! :)

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