the measure of a year


Christmas 2015

I didn’t want to get all introspective this week…

These few days in-between Christmas and New Years always seem to put me in a strange mood, as if I’m eager to get on with the new year, but can’t start because it’s not here, yet…

But if introspection is what this time is supposed to be used for…

It was a good year. A year that was measured, held accountable, and full of new and interesting things. A year that had many new opportunities, challenges and highlights…

~ the vegetable garden was spectacular
~ much preserving, canning, jamming and freezing was done
~ I cycled to work for three months
~ Sonja graduated and started university
~ Chadd decided his new hobby is woodworking
~ he built beautiful furniture for the deck
~ we went camping with Sonja and without Sonja
~ while she was in Denmark for two weeks
~ Elena had her first summer job
~ an Icelandic sweater was knit for Sonja’s Christmas gift
~ it was finished on Christmas morning, at 3:30
~ almost all the Christmas presents were homemade
~ we made a workable budget for the year
~ my job went full-time
~ Elena’s baseball team won Provincials
~ and her improv team won first place at FTJ
~ we hosted a house concert as a fundraiser
~ Elena and I had a table at the Christmas market
~ Loki started wagging his tail when he was happy

I didn’t knit as much, and I surely didn’t blog as much. Life, if anything, gets more interesting as I get older. There is so much more to do, and learn and be a part of, change and look ahead…

To 2016.

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2 Responses to the measure of a year

  1. Francesca says:

    So nice to see family photos! This one of you all is great!
    Happy 2016 to your beautiful family!

  2. rusty duck says:

    Great shot of you all. It sounds like you’ve had an excellent year.
    All the very best for the next one!

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