a d*mn fine bird

This may well have to be a new tradition; a whole, lovely, roasted turkey all to ourselves on New Year’s Day. My oven, combined with my mother-in-law’s roaster, handled a 25 pound turkey delectably.

Today, also and as well, we cooked up a batch of New Years cookies; deep fried fritters doused in icing sugar. Chadd’s sister had called that morning, asking if we had any plans to make them this year. We don’t always, but I had already been thinking ahead to the fact that we had no raisins, and that although every grocery store is closed on New Year’s Day, we can always count on the mother-in-law’s pantry. (Fortunately just down the road from us!) A nice big batch was made, and they are almost all gone.

There has been very little knitting that I’ve been doing these last few days. In a fun change of pace, it has been Sonja’s projects that are keeping me busy, as I help sew Boy Scout patches on her new backpack, and patch her ripped jeans. The girl is learning the art of handsewing!

However, thanks in part to a great yarn sale at Michaels, Elena is working on her second prayer shawl, and we got supplies for a third. I’m going to start on a pair of mitts for Sonja’s friend, (with the leftovers from her sweater)…of which I should take a photo, (because I did a great job and it’s gorgeous!) as well as the Strenna cowl that I just had to make and Elena claimed for herself. Lovely bit of cables in chunky Alafoss Lopi cream yarn.

You can just catch a glimpse of the cowl…that’s Elena, driving the snowmobile on a very cold Boxing Day!


Boxing Day 2015

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