he will make it for me

When we built this house, I insisted on a craft closet, just for me, because I am the “maker” in this family. I quilt, embroider, needle felt, knit, sew…I can draw, and once upon a time we also made fridge magnets using craft clay.

But I have never been comfortable with power tools. I made a wooden tray in shops class (with an awful lot of help from the teacher), but do not ever gravitate to saws, nail guns or, God forbid, a blow torch.

Chadd has never been crafty. Don’t even ask him to pick up a screwdriver (unless it’s the drink; he’s good at mixing drinks). And then we moved into the new house, and that all changed.

He not only built the patio chair and couch, he built a coffee table, and a side table.

He made himself a work bench in the garage, and then he built shelves for the basement.  After the shelves, three were a set of beer crates that went along with the Christmas presents to each of his sisters.  He bought me a poster for Christmas, and proceeded to make me a frame for it.  I’ve now put in an order for a cookbook holder and some book shelves for Sonja’s room.

Who knew that one day, I’d have a crafty husband?!?

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One Response to he will make it for me

  1. woolythymes says:

    he built all that stuff????? YIKES!!! He’s a keeper, for sure!!!

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