for now

Is the residue of Christmas the reason that I can’t seem to move forward with all my great plans?  Or is it the desperate cold that makes my head ache as soon as I stick it out the door?

It could be that I have managed to be somewhat busy, but just not with things that will clear my head or my plate.  I finished reading Chocolat and am still working my way through The Art of Fielding.  Chadd’s socks have progressed, but I also started a thick wool mitt in Alafoss Lopi that may have to get ripped out.

Friday was cross-country skiing with my boss, about 5k on a very nice trail.  Friday night, however, we got some terrible news…our neighbour (and friend) had passed away suddenly, earlier in the week.  Saturday was a quiet day, but we went to the fabric store to look at Melton wool, and I found some canvas in a London print.  I am looking forward to making some small zippered pouches.  Saturday night…



A concert by a great kid and his band, as a fundraiser for some members of our church. Sunday was church, and after, my kitchen was a Spanish television studio set, as Elena and her friend recorded a very funny skit about making salsa. And today was a crazy basset wrangling morning, as contractors came and replaced the chimney. Lots of phone calls in the afternoon, and the funeral in the evening.

Tomorrow is Chadd’s 45th birthday, and, well. I’m looking forward to a great day.  It’s gonna be fun!

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