creative mess

I am thrilled with the fabric, Chadd’s socks need to get to 26cm before I can start the decreases, and that mitt will get ripped out for one of my own creation. I’m just not sure what.  Knitting…I love knitting in winter, sitting in the living room with the sun strong and warm on my back!  It makes it hard to get up and deal with the other messes that need cleaning and things that need doing!

Sonja was just as excited about the fabric, because I bought it with the idea of making her a pencil case for university. I have so many small zippers, and I’d like to make it lined. I’m not so sure about my skill without instructions, though. Especially with the lining.

She really made me laugh, yesterday, as she was trying to pay her tuition. I had instructed her to call the bank, to let them know she would need an increase on her debit limit for the day. She did, but her new bank card wasn’t activated. She called me, and I told her to call the bank again. She got it activated, and then proceeded to freeze her card by bungling the security question. She called me again, and I told her to call the bank again. At the end of it all, she managed to pay her tuition, and figure out a bit about financial independence. Life lessons for the 18 year old; I like it.

Elena made me laugh all day yesterday, with her Spanish video assignment. It was a recipe, made in a kitchen, filmed with a script to mimic a cooking show. It was hilarious; she is such an actress and together with her friend that had been assigned the project, it was just the best, as I watched it over and over.

And now it’s time to add a new ball of yarn to the growing sock project.  If I get a few more sunny days like this, I’ll be starting the heel in no time…

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2 Responses to creative mess

  1. Francesca says:

    i’m confused, is that map of London a hint?
    over here schools have no funds for any technology, let alone video making equipment! that kind of assignment, i’m sure, would make learning foreign languages more interesting!

    • Laura says:

      I wish I could have uploaded the video! We filmed it on the iPad, using the video setting, and then used the iMovie app to edit it. It was about 4 minutes long.

      The “map” of London is some fabric that I will be hopefully cutting into very soon!

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