A happy accident to find the pattern…isn’t it sweet? I love a good, tight-fitting touque to wear under my hood when I’m all bundled up, and with a few modifications, this was just the thing. And a perfect fit. The thick-and-thin yarn made the cables interesting, one fatter on the one side than the other. I’m really happy with it. The yarn is merino; the next attempt will be in the blue/grey alpaca, and also be the slouchy style as the pattern is written.

Merino, to me, tends to be a bit more of a defined, squishy yarn, but also tends to pill. On the hat, I’m sure it will be fine. The alpaca tends to flop; for me, it is a soft but shapeless yarn. Which is interesting, because the alpaca that I bought from that farm in Quebec is anything but shapeless. It even held a lace pattern really well. Still drapes well, but has great stitch definition, and blocked well, too. I’m thinking that since the Quebec yarn was handspun, it was more tightly plied than the commercially prepared alpaca.


That scarf took ages to knit…the stitch pattern defied me at every opportunity…I had to obsessively count the stitches on the purl row to make sure I had them all accounted for…most times not! The pattern was a free hand-out at the wool shop. I guess I’m just not dedicated enough for lace!

There are more projects going, for sure. Still Chadd’s socks, which are 3 cm away from starting the decreases for the calf, and oh dear, it just appears that I bought more yarn for a sweater for me!

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One Response to experimentation

  1. woolythymes says:

    great FOs!!! I’ll bet the hat in a slouchy version will give you a totally different look. (Love patterns like that!)

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