my winter


red-leaf rose

I saw a big, fat bunny eating my rose bush this morning. We sent the dogs outside to chase him away, but today will definitely be the day I block off his access point to the back yard. The red-leaf rose, I know, won’t mind the pruning because it’s almost a wild rose.

Everything outside is covered with a new dusting of snow. Really pretty yesterday, when I was skiing through it. As we getting our skis on, a gentleman that was just finishing his trek called out to us, saying that the trails were very good this morning, and told us we’d have a great ski. It was the best yet. We’ve skied in -17°C with a -25°C windchill; we’ve skied in +5°C, and yesterday was a perfect -10°C with no wind.

That dusting of snow, though, was a bit of a hazard driving last night. Each and every intersection was a skating rink. We headed out for folk dance practice, which was great, but I was very glad when we got home safe! It’s rare for both the anti-lock brakes and the traction control to come on while stoping and starting at the same stop sign!

January has been all over the map, weather-wise, and it has been much the same with the making, crafting and cleaning around here. I’ve been feeling a bizarre need to quantify time spent at home this month, and all I can say is that I’ve read some good books, knit two touques, got half done on a new sweater for me (with brand new yarn! “yarn and soul” superfine alpaca!) and I’ve done a lot of hand washing and blocking of wool knits that really needed it…such as my 10 year old Icelandic sweater…I sewed a couple lined pencil cases with really old zippers that I got from my mom. The zippers are from the Canadian “Lightning Fastener Company,” not the YKK brand, which I thought was pretty cool. I’m in the middle of trying to design a pencil case for Elena that will accommodate a separate pocket for a round pencil sharpener, interior pockets to keep her pens and pencils upright, and another pocket for her calculator, and another for her cue cards (it’s a study aid) and erasers and such. I can’t believe I just went from, “I don’t remember how to sew in a zipper” to “I’m going to have to design it myself.” Since she just finished exams and has a day off today and tomorrow, we’ll be working on that while I write a sermon for Sunday (the regular minister is on study leave) and I can’t forget the Drivers Ed parent meeting tonight…yes, she’s going to start driving soon!

February really should be the month I make a more organized effort on it all…just as soon as I’m done the sweater and Chadd’s socks…

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