thoughtful perusal

I’ve been doing a fair bit of knitting this month, but it seems to be going rather slowly. That could perhaps have something to do with all the knitting “thinking” rather than the knitting “doing.”

It sort of all started when my friend brought me along, on her impromptu trip to the yarn store. Now, I was in no need of yarn. I had (and still have) two projects in the works, and had made two hats and finished a scarf since January. But, I don’t ever go into this particular yarn store and not buy anything. It seems rude to not be able to find something that I like enough to bring home. So, I found two skeins of superfine alpaca, totaling just under 800 metres, on sale at a 20% discount. As such, the sale price meant that I still spent fifty dollars. I did have a pattern in mind for the yarn, and fortunately, I was able to start right away on the knit.

I’m interested in how the pattern turns out. I was wanting a pull-over, short sleeved tunic type sweater, but something very light, that had to be worn over a tank top or a long sleeve shirt. I had to change the pattern a bit, and now I’m just finishing the front panel.

I was feeling pretty good about the yarn purchase, after all, it didn’t sit around in the “going to get around to knitting it someday” bin like some of my other, single skein, purchases. And I was (while not awestruck with the pattern) happy that I was knitting from a magazine I had purchased some time ago. But then I went on the Internet.

I found a wool website called “Holst Garn.”

(Yes, it’s in Denmark, and yes, my daughter was in Denmark last summer, and the whole time she was a 20 minute drive from the shop. Ack.) They sell the exact same alpaca that I bought, in better colours, for one-quarter of the price I paid. And so, I’m feeling a bit stupid.

A quick perusal of the yarns leads me to believe that they are very good quality. Ravelry shows them to have good reviews. Yes, I would have to pay shipping, but when the yarn is so much cheaper, it seems like it would be worth it. So now, I am in the middle of trying to put together a comprehensive yarn order for some of (almost) each type of yarn, plus a shade card and a sample bag. In colours I’ll wear, and hopefully coordinate!

I’ve never placed an on-line order for yarn before. I’m feeling a bit nervous, but I can’t seem to find the yarn with a Canadian supplier. I’ve been debating this for two days, now. And I’m going to push the shopping cart button.

Holst Garn, here I come!

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3 Responses to thoughtful perusal

  1. Francesca says:

    Amazing Laura! I just found this particular yarn too, but as I haven’t got a project for it yet, I just bookmarked it. I found thanks to a French friend on Ravelry whom I asked when I decided to go on a European yarn search because I couldn’t buy my favorite yarn, Quince&Co finch, which is very expensive in Europe (and buying it directly from the US isn’t any cheaper as we then are charged VAT/custom taxes at this end).
    Well, what are you making with it? :)

  2. planetcoops says:

    You had to buy a couple to find out how much you liked it. Make sure you post some pictures! I’ve just been to the website, and I want EVERYTHING.

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