in the making


needles and thread

The green blob is a sweater, accompanied by a little notions bag that I sewed from the London-print fabric.



I had to make the pumpkin muffins to use up the pumpkins.


more sewing

The muffin found a temporary home on the new placemats. Temporary, because those were darn good muffins!

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2 Responses to in the making

  1. Francesca says:

    Is that your holst garn yarn? i finally tried to place an order – mostly to get the shade cards as you suggested, but they were out of stock! so, back to square one, and trying to pick the right color.

    • Laura says:

      The shade cards are a must! The colours are amazing! That yarn is “Yarn and Soul” alpaca. Gorgeous to work with, grew with blocking, but that worked out in my favour. I have to finish off the arm holes before I can post a picture.

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