thing of beauty


Art Wall

My very talented husband was inspired one day.

This happens to be a wall in our bedroom, the wall that is just at the entrance to our clothes closet. The bedroom has an L-shape to it, and this little nook was blank, bare, and completely unused. We mulled over what could potentially be put there…an armoire…a side table…a piece of artwork…some shelves…a chair…and no matter what we came up with, it still felt like we were “just stuffing something in a corner.”

I’m so very, very happy/impressed/satisfied. It’s exactly what I wanted.


walnut and silver

I’m not the type to wear my jewelry often, and so it was hidden in the bottom of the closet in a plastic bin. The purse stuffed on a top shelf. The scarves my brother brought me from Afghanistan in another bin. And all my earrings jumbled in a tray on my bedside table, plus a few necklaces and those bracelets. Meh.

The back is birch veneer plywood; one box is made of cherry, the other pine, and the shelves are made of walnut. The wood is so beautiful, with the different grains and finishes.

The perfect solution for my boring little corner!

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2 Responses to thing of beauty

  1. Francesca says:

    certainly not boring any longer!

  2. rusty duck says:

    You have a very clever husband. It’s a dead space no longer!

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