I love it

The pattern was almost what I wanted, but I couldn’t convince myself to knit it. I was very sure that it wouldn’t turn out right, and I didn’t go out of my way to buy he yarn that I would need to make it. Somehow, I ended up at the yarn store, and bought two skeins of Yarn and Soul alpaca. My friend said it wouldn’t be enough to make a sweater, and the pattern said that, too.


I made some modifications to compensate for the lack of yarn, and I made some modifications to compensate for finished measurements. Plus, I didn’t like the sleeves.


I am so happy with the finished result, even if I can’t take all the credit for it.  When I soaked the sweater to block it, it lengthened about three inches.  I swear the yarn did that involuntarily.  It is alpaca, after all.  I can take credit for changing the neck, and the sleeves, and the width on the bottom.  And I can do a little happy dance, because I will wear it outside the house!


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3 Responses to I love it

  1. Great job on the sweater!

  2. Francesca says:

    Dancing with you – it’s lovely!

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