a strange bed

Oh, my Loki! Every once in a while, he reminds me that life was hard for him in the beginning. Last night, he woke up whining at 1:30, and then again at 4:30. I thought I’d be able to settle him in his kennel, but when I got downstairs, he was desperately trying not to throw up. I opened the kennel, and he ran to the back door to go outside.

This was a very frequent occurrence in the first few months that we had him; now that his system has regulated to food consumption, he only gets like this once in a while. Always at night, though. So I spend about an hour, massaging his stomach, shoulders and throat until he feels better. There is usually a huge burp as a result of the massage, and then I know he’ll start calming down.

Long night, though. On the floor in the living room, which was where I stayed with him to sleep.

Beautiful sunny morning, too.

I got confused about Sonja’s schedule (went to bed thinking that she’d be leaving the house around 10:30) and didn’t bother giving her a wake-up call in the morning. Oops…on Wednesday she starts class at 9:30…but she’s been having a modified schedule all week due to no science labs because of Good Friday…but she ended up sleeping through all her alarms, and I felt bad, so I drove her to university.

NOT something I do if I’ve taken the time to wake her up. Then, she’s on her own. When it gets a bit warmer, her bike is a better option than the bus, anyway; gets her there faster.

It is Wednesday, of course, so that means that Elena has a spare first thing, because the teachers have Colaborative Wednesday, which means they spend an hour of what Used To Be class time discussing strategies and student; which the students refer to affectionately as “late start Wednesday’s.” And because Elena takes band, some Wednesdays she has a band spare in addition to her late start, so she doesn’t start class until 10:45.

To drive Elena to school in the winter takes 10 minutes, round trip. To drive Sonja to Uni takes 20 minutes round-trip. And so it is now 11:00 in the morning, my day feeling like it is half gone, and…so goes my Wednesday!


Odin and Loki and yogurt

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2 Responses to a strange bed

  1. trinagallop says:

    Sorry to hear that you had a rough night… what I got from that story though was that he’s exactly where he’s suppose to be, with his wonderful family, his happily ever after. Thanks for loving him so much… and for the soothing belleh massages to help his gassy tummy. <3

  2. Francesca says:

    poor doggie! to take my kids to school is a one hour round trip! :(

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