that sweet william


I’m trying to garden. I’m trying…to get this sweet hound to stop eating my garden.

Would you believe he has a taste for my Sooty sweet william that I planted last year? He also thinks my tulips taste great. He’s driving me crazy as I try to deter the munching with some tomato cages.

He also likes eating from the pile of weeds that I’ve just pulled. And he likes the gooseberry bush…with the thorns. Do you think I could start a pot of lettuce and cat grass just for him? Or would that be setting a really bad precedent?

Someone told me to sprinkle all my plants with cayenne pepper. But could you do that to that face? That sweet, tender little muzzle?

Not me!

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5 Responses to that sweet william

  1. trinagallop says:

    I’ve got one who’s a plant eater. Likes the hostas (which are not good for him) and lillies. He’ll also just munch at the grass if there’s nothing else. He’s always been like that.

  2. Dee says:

    Those eyes! Its not possible to be mad at those eyes! We are the same with our sweet elderly pug – Bessie, she can pretty much get away with anything! Dee

  3. Monica says:

    he’s a vegetarian!! who knew…

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