workshop with weeds


It was a spur of the moment decision to attend a salve making workshop after work on Tuesday. These days are so long and full, that adding one more thing usually takes away from another. (In this case, it was grocery shopping).

So we’ve been without a properly stocked fridge for a week now, (it’s Friday) having shopped on the fly and Chadd picking up a bit of meat from the butcher so at least I could make supper. It hasn’t been all that bad…one night was soup, one night egg-cake (aeggekage), and one night chicken fingers.

And because I decided to go “foraging” for plantain in the vacant lot next door, that meant that I was frantically running the the grocery store, 15 minutes before they closed, just to buy milk, eggs, bread and apples. Lunches have been creative without those key ingredients!

What can I say…time, I h’aint got it.

But the workshop was great. I drove home as quickly as I could through rush hour, picked up Elena and drove to the market where the where workshop was being held. Since it is a natural salve, with plantain and dandelion, we were taught how to find and collect the plants. Then, the instructor went through the process. What can I say, it was great to realize that the only thing I was going to have to buy was vitamin E gel caps. And that since the herbs had to steep in oil for 2 weeks, I had time to buy it!

So, yesterday morning before work, I took a bike ride to the wooded area in the neighborhood to find dandelions. Turns out I was just a bit too late…most having gone to seed. However, red clover is just coming into bloom, so I snagged some of that, instead. And saw my first monarch butterfly of the summer.

Anyway, the plantain is now steeping, and all the buggies were knocked out of the clover, and it will be steeping shortly as well. I have some sweet almond oil (from Costco) but I’m also using canola.

I’m so excited. Salve and soap are the next step in my makings!

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