getting done

There has been so much (there always is) that an update of ginormous proportions is in order.  But no telling where to start…

I am always happy when strawberry season comes around (earlier than usual this year and with spectacular bounty) and even happier when we easily came home with seven baskets, plus four that made it to my mother-in-law. The most fun part was the huge strawberries (for Sonja) and bringing her best friend along.

The other part of the fun (that I didn’t do last year) was jam. Three different batches; the first regular, the second with liquid pectin and lemon juice, and the third with tequila and Cointreau to make strawberry margarita jam. Christmas presents, again.

The salve was, I think, a success. The essential oil combination of lavender, tea tree, and geranium was very complimentary to the natural scent of the plantain and the red clover. I used the expensive, carbon distilled beeswax to hold it all together. It’s lovely and I can’t wait until it has a bit of curing time. I’m sure the scent will develop even more fully, because it’s quite subtle right now.

There has been some fun knitting, too, keeping me happily engaged with the pattern emerging from the colourwork. I love colourwork, I love mittens, and I love the Lopi pattern. So much so, that the first mitten ended up a tiny bit puckered; likely because it was two different types of yarn, but also I just couldn’t wait to see how the patterning would turn out, so I was rushing through it!

And the garden…the garden has been interesting…with the torrential rains and the washed out carrots, and the bunny and the tomatoes that I am trying to nurture along…I’ve agreed to be part of a garden tour. I’m looking forward to it; not excited, exactly, because the garden “is what it is” but I do want to show it off. Two weeks from now. Not sure what I’ll do with the bassets when it’s going on…


A dog and his garden

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3 Responses to getting done

  1. trinagallop says:

    Let me know when the garden tour is… maybe I can help with the bassets?! (Not that I’m not interested in your garden. I’m sure it’s lovely! Better than my garden of just tomatoes.)

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