10 things for this week


I still feel speechless.

There is a small pencil tree on my kitchen window. The University had a plant give-away day, and the last African violet had been nabbed while she was in line. So a pencil tree it is!

The asters are blooming, and my Emily Carr rose bush still is putting out buds.

The kale will come off the garden this weekend. The cooler weather has resulted in a beautiful crop, and I can’t wait. Today, I wrestled with the horseradish and took off the beets and carrots. I think it’s weird to say that I could live in my garden for the summer, but I love it so much.

I sat in the car this morning, waiting for the post office to open. Elena has put in her application to a theatre program that runs once a month, all school year. She needed to submit the application, a letter about herself, and one teacher reference; and it had to get in the mail today!

This summer, we made three types of pickles, sauerkraut and cabbage rolls. Still to be made are beet and carrot pickles.

I should have cut back the raspberry when I cut back the gooseberry, but the gooseberry was so painful that I still have scratches and mini stab wounds from the thorns.

Chadd and I are taking a holiday soon, the destination being mostly his idea. So we camped this summer at Hecla Island, that destination being my idea. It was good, we would go again. The trails were easy, the scenery beautiful, and the campsite cosy and private. We would bring drinking water next time, though.

My upright freezer stopped freezing a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, that was disruptive.

I’ve discovered that I wish my youngest brother lived closer.

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