I’m on a crazy mitten kick at the moment. That same Handtak pattern, in a few different colour combinations. One unexpectedly perfect combination of colours came about from a random Lopi purchase of orange at the yarn shop at home, and the other was a crazy green-with-orange-flecks that was found in the medieval town of Lucca in Italy.

I picked the yarn out from the display in the shop window, not because I liked it, but because it was green and tweedy and had a label on it that I’d not seen before; Lana Gatto. All the yarn was behind glass in the shop, so I chose that one because it looked like a decent DK weight, and I didn’t want to dither on my purchase. I also wanted something Italian!

It turned out to be pure wool, as well, and the owner of the shop asked me nicely if I was going to make a hat, as I asked for two balls. (He was even careful to check the lot numbers.) I told him that I would decide when I got home.

And yes, the mitts have this gorgeous lichen inspired colour mix going on…the grey, green, pale green and bright orange with a bit of white that would make any patch of moss proud. I am happy to work away on them, while dreaming up other colour combinations for the next pair…(and so on!)

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