a good book


Finding a good book is getting harder and harder for me. (Almost as hard as finding the basset who likes to hide in the rhubarb!)

The latest disaster was the book “The Lost Landscape.” (Ugggg. That book lost me when it wouldn’t stop being narrated by Happy Chicken, the pet chicken. Ever heard a pet chicken talk about chicken poop? You don’t want to.)

I’ve switched to audio books and the Hoopla app since our flight back home. Air Canada was nice enough to offer “The Girl on the Train” as a audio, and while the book was interesting, being read to was great. And so was “The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper.” I’m now starting “A Man called Ove.” Hopefully good listening…because a good audio book gets rid of that lonely feeling I sometimes get when I’m home alone. I’m busy with the laundry and the cooking and the baking and the cleaning, but while I’m doing all those things, the brain is a blank.

I can’t quite describe that feeling of not wanting to live in my own brain quite that much. And while that thought makes me feel a bit sheepish, I do like being entertained, and I don’t like watching television.

So. I’m plugged into my phone and ready to go. Chapter One.

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