fly swatting

Burning question of the day: can one take a photo of a fly swatter and make it look artistic?

Fruit fly infestation on this end, and last night I got tired of waiting for them to fly into the carefully baited traps. Out came the swatter. Bam. Bam. Bam. The upside is, of course, that my reflexes are now whip fast. The downside is that my neck is sore from craning. They like to congregate on the ceiling in the evening…

And the knitting is once again in the honeymoon stage. The pattern is called linen stitch shawl. The finished dimensions are 14″ wide by 72″ long, which in my book is a scarf. Just because no one wants to knit a scarf anymore, doesn’t mean that it is a shawl. But I’ve been looking for a pattern for this yarn since I bought it five (6? 7?) years ago. I think it was my third ever yarn purchase. I bought it thinking that I would make a pretty shawl for my folk dance costume, so I picked rust and orange and gold and navy, in a fingering wool weight yarn, and lots of it. Two balls got made into mitts, and I think one other ball of the navy got knit into something else. With the last four balls (two navy, one gold and one orange) I think I’ve finally got the perfect pattern to finish off that yarn. And right now, I can’t put it down…which is good, because if I’m lucky and my calculations are correct, the scarf will end up being eight feet long!

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One Response to fly swatting

  1. maybe we can keep each other bolstered up with this pattern…..I know I’m going to need a whole lot of encouragement to reach the end!!! (I’ve put mine down……again, already!!!!)

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