in so many ways


The sun is desperately trying to shine through the cloud cover and the whirling, whipping snow. I can’t quite figure out if it’s still snowing. It would be nice to have the sun shining. Everything looks different in the sun, including the socks I am working on (I haven’t knit a pair of socks in a year! What?!?) which were a delicate spring green in the overhead light last night, but are a much more of an acid lime this morning! All good, I love an interesting gradient. This yarn was a Christmas present from Sonja last year, and sat in the yarn cupboard until I decided I needed more socks for cross-country skiing. Many more, I think. Socks for everyone!

There has been so much skiing in the lull between Christmas and the new year, and it didn’t stop after that, either. Between my friends, my girls and Chadd, there has been skiing almost every day, and sometimes twice a day. I’m keeping track…have to make good use of the season pass.

I haven’t been sleeping well, though. You’d think I’d fall into bed exhausted after a good ski, but my back is creaking too much at night. Just adjusting to the extra level of fitness being demanded of it; hopefully it adjusts soon. I’m going to give it a dose of yoga, as well.

Being outside has been wonderful, but an extra cold bit of weather is blasting our way this week. Hence the yoga. Dog walking won’t get very far in these temps, either. Sonja and I did get a very good ski in yesterday, but my face felt a bit raw when we came home. (The balaclava was frozen.)

So. January. Which had previously, traditionally been my slump month. I’m making a list of knitting, reading and tasks. Adding as inspired, or as required, it’s a great way to get it all done and feel accomplished at the same time. The month, it will fly. And I’ll be leaving scrubbed tiles, washed floors, books read, and finished socks in my wake. All good.

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