a summer day


It’s so cold outside that the weather channel is giving updates on how long it takes to freeze exposed skin. I know. You don’t need this information if you have no intention of venturing outside!

But the dogs were feeling a little antsy, and being outside was actually bearable when the wind is behind you…so out the door we went…and I had a laugh at the dogs. They are so short that the snow banks on both sides of the path were blocking the wind for them, and making it “just another walk in the park!”

(Well, I would have laughed, except it was so cold it hurt your teeth to smile!)

January does a good job of reminding me to enjoy the time and space that is dedicated to each moment. And that summer is coming!

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One Response to a summer day

  1. stephanie says:

    Freddy’s not an outdoors kind of guy…..he runs out, does his stuff, and immediately heads to the heating vent!!! (me, too!)

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