The girls don’t cook independently. I’m not at all concerned about this; cookbooks are great for learning from, as the ones that I’ve purchased most recently (Scandinavian Comfort Food) read as though someone is in the kitchen right with you. Almost more art than cookbook.

And Elena has decided to transcribe my everyday cooking into a book of recipes just for herself. Since our “favourites” were sourced from cookbooks new and old, magazines, Internet and friends, it’s a sweet idea to have them all in one place; however much a work in progress it may be!

Sonja cooks as inspired. Most recently, it was this bee cake for her cousin’s 20th birthday. She made all the parts, including three different types of icing; the buttercream, the drizzle, and the royal icing bees. Hours of labour, and sweetly turned out.

Cooking really is an act of love sometimes.

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