I probably should have been an entomologist, what with the strange fascination for weird and beautiful bugs. Isn’t he great? He’s going to turn into a tussock moth, but he shouldn’t be on my Nanking cherry bush; supposedly he prefers apples.

My apple tree is on the way out, though, and maybe he knows it. That poor tree has girdled roots and now root borers at the base of the trunk. I’m only keeping it alive long enough to harvest the apples that are on it, and then it’s replacement will go in. Although I have no guarantee that the borers will not move into the new tree, I’ll take my chances. We had a saying at work this spring; there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.

Time to try something new! (And if the apple doesn’t work out, there is always plum!)

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1 Response to tussock

  1. woolythymes says:

    aren’t the tussocks the ones that sting or give ugly rashes or something awful if you touch them?!? They are pretty, though!

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