with wool


I love making these crochet animals! There is just something about a homemade baby gift that I can’t resist. Baby quilts are lovely, too (and a bit more practical) but these cute creatures are so quick and easy to make. This chimpanzee (and as such, no tail to make!) was given to a friend of mine for her grandson.

I’m getting a bit more involved in spinning these last few months, and because I’m extremely inconsistent, I’m happy to use it to make animals. Crochet hides a multitude of sins! The first batt that I spun was called a “felting batt,” which was kind of coarse and had a lot of nubbly bits in it. I’m not sure if most of the inconsistencies are a result of the quality of batt, or skill of the spinner (leaning toward the latter) but at least I know what the end product will be. One of the things that turned me off of spinning a few years ago was that frustrating question, “So what do I make with it?”

Waste makes me feel guilty, so to have left-overs in the yarn bin, or worse, whole skeins of good wool with no purpose really bother me. Just…waiting there for inspiration. Guilt no more!!! There are going to be some very quirky animals crocheted in the next little while!

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1 Response to with wool

  1. woolythymes says:

    that monkey is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen…..wishing i could crochet something besides a square!!!! love it!

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