now september

I have been doing, doing, doing, chipping away at to-do lists, and still feeling like so much to be done. I don’t know if that is a September thing or not.

A subsequent trip to the garden revealed that someone else had been doing my harvesting for me, and they walked away with almost every watermelon and cantaloupe. Harsh, but realistic for where I garden. I cut my losses and took my three pumpkins home with me that day. They were completely orange, and a large, easy target.

The squash are untouched, so far, and they usually stay that way. When we were in Italy last October, the girls ended up taking them off the garden for me; worried about frost.

With the day’s getting shorter, it feels like there is so much more to do, and so much less time in which to do it. The clear off date for the garden (October 15) seems to come faster every year. Of course, it doesn’t help that the tomatoes are just ripening in September.

Just to think…the tomatoes are ripening in September, and the pumpkins are already off the garden. What a strange summer.

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