so you stole my watermelon


…and then came back for the pumpkins. When you found they were already harvested (by me) you decided to take a knife, cut off a perfectly emerald green pumpkin (one of the only two left) and leave it where I was sure to see it. Right at the entrance to my garden.


The buttercup squash all came home. Like, right then and there. Unfortunately, the butternut is not ready yet, so all I can hope is that they took out the frustration on the pumpkin, and will leave the squash alone.

I can’t stop gardening. Fresh beans? Huge, homegrown cabbage that cost me pennies? Juicy garden tomatoes? All the stuff that I love anticipating for harvest. So, even though that last passive/aggressive retaliatory action really did feel like a slap to the face, it’s still my garden and I’m going to keep doing it.

The rest of my day will be spent enjoying my other hobby. I’m off to a wool/fibre festival to learn about sheep fleece and do some shopping. Bizarrely enough, I have a love/hate relationship with these sort of gatherings, because while I love the farming and sheep aspect, and the end product, the concept of “artisan” encapsulates issues and an attitude that I’m not altogether comfortable with. I just want to knit. And spin. And learn, and love what I make.

Which is why I think I have to start being more accepting of the artisans, and the obsessive knitters. They love what they do…they just take it to another level. Can’t exactly attend wearing a t-shirt that says, “Moderation is the key to happiness” while another person sport a shirt that says, “I knit to stay sane.”

In other ramblings, and happy mom-news, Sonja has actually flat-out said that she finds her university agriculture courses interesting. I’m thrilled, of course. Applied science is always interesting, but she was, I suspect, worried that it would bring her to tears of boredom and be a complete slog for the next three years. And with a new focus, I hope she will be happier with university in general.

The weather has suddenly, drastically turned to fall as of yesterday. It feels horrifyingly cold and it makes me feel like I should frantically bring all my tomatoes off the garden. Of course, there was that one year where September was crap weather and October was glorious, so I think I’ll just cool my heels and put on a sweater for now. On gloomy mornings like today, I am going light my incense, and plug in a good audio book while I clean the kitchen. And then it’s off to all things wooly before a very busy weekend.

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