unplanned absence and return

I had to answer a question from the past yesterday, and realized that I had the best answer available on the blog. And hello again.

The unplanned absence was a direct result of “just not feelin’ it” and the resulting posts from most of 2017 sure showed it. I think I’m back…I hope I’m back. The blog was a happy, interesting place, and in reading between and through the lines (as only I can) has brought back memories of stories not shared, as well. Good times that will still remain unpublished!

The last eight months were busy at a new job, one that I have put on hold temporarily as I make a short return to the garden centre for the summer. I’m happy to be wearing my Aussie-made shade hat for the summer, in exchange for the hair net that I sported all winter; but I’ll be happy to make the trade back again in August.

I got hired on at an independent-living senior facility back in October, as morning staff to prepare and serve brunch. It was a job that I looked forward to every morning, and winter just flew by. A huge bonus was that I got to walk to work every morning, and walk home almost every afternoon as well. The weather was mostly wildly cold for the entire winter, and I learned not to wear mascara on the way to work, as my eyelashes would frost over and the mascara would be smeared all over my face at the end of the half-hour trek! By the time April rolled around, I was taking my bike to work and zipping over the frozen puddles. My cross-country ski mitts were the warmest and most wind-proof accessory for the 10 minute ride. It so was lovely working so close to home!

It was a great job that also gave me ample knitting time in the afternoons, and two sweaters got completely finished over the winter. One for Elena, one for the head chef’s new baby, and another three that are for me, and not quite finished yet!

There was sad, too, which can keep for later; and everything else in between.

And that’s it, that’s all for now, folks!

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