About Me

This blog is a result of me wanting to start a blog and my husband wanting to get an Olympus Pen EP-1. We both got our way. It’s a lovely little camera, and although we forget to bring it along on some adventures, we do manage to document most; and I get to ramble on to my heart’s content.

The blog was named for our hound, who we adored for eight awesome years. How was he “rollo” when that isn’t even a word? Our youngest daughter, about four years old at the time, made that pronouncement, and it took me some time to realize that she was declaring him royal. Considering that he was, at best, constantly goofy and a source of comic relief (a true basset), the blog name was adopted as a fair description of our family and his place at the centre of it all.

Thanks for stopping by, because the story goes on…because our lives are better with a basset hound.

10 Responses to About Me

  1. Michael Norwood says:

    I’m not even sure how I made my way here but reading through your story has brought me so much comfort. We lost our basset, Penny, very suddenly last summer. She went from completely normal to not eating well to not wanting to move in about 36 hours. The vet found an aggressive inoperable tumor and while she regained her strength and her final few weeks were almost normal, we lost her just 3 weeks after the diagnosis. It was almost unbearable. 18 months later we’re now looking… hoping for another basset and can’t wait til we get to bring one home. I kind of forgot about the puppy stage though! I guess I should get my sleep while I can. :)

    Thanks again for your transparency… reading about someone on a similar journey was incredibly cathartic.

  2. jenniferavis says:

    Just what me likes…a nice, warm, fuzzy dog blog.

  3. Birgit Albrechtsen says:

    Thinking of you, specialy your mother-in-law. Miss her a little. Give her a hug.
    Greetings to all from
    Birgit and Jørgen

  4. Birgit Albrechtsen says:

    Hans Christian Andersen – hotdog – shopping – love your famely. Wonderfull.
    Have a nice summer!
    greetings from Birgit

  5. Laura says:

    I love my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Laura says:

    Mom you are awesome, can i get a cellphone;)

    from Sonja

  7. Birgit Albrechtsen says:

    Wonderful blog Laura. It is very interesting to follow the pictures and what you write.
    Greet your family
    from Birgit & Jørgen (Joergen)

  8. Mo says:

    love the dog picture….

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    We will get together in January and exchange Christmas stories…

  9. Birgit Albrechtsen says:

    Hi Laura.
    Thank you because we have to follow a little in your life on your Blog. It is wonderful to see pictures of you and your family and your charming little dog.
    Greetings to you and your family from
    Birgit and Jorgen Albrechtsen

  10. Michael Simonson says:

    Well hello there! While the main photo of ‘The Rollo Dog’ is rather fright-inducing, the others are quite wonderful – and I very much enjoyed the little peak into your lives. Thank-you so much for sharing these words and photos. Even the scary one… ;)

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