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the last day of winter

In the process of all the house planning, Chadd and I would often talk about our first winter in the new house. We’d talk about paint colours, and light and why I didn’t want white walls with all the large … Continue reading

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the commandments of home theatre movie viewing according to Chadd

1. Thou shalt use the washroom facilities before the movie starts. 2. The movie will not stop for you if you have use the facilities. 3. No lights will be turned on to help you locate the facilities. 4. The … Continue reading

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on the other side

I have a few British blogs that I love to visit. There is a certain something about them at this time of year, something I’m going to call green. They’ve got everything from grass to daffodils! The month of March, … Continue reading

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good morning again, February

After getting the girls off to school, and Chadd’s lunch made, I sat down to breakfast with a cup of green tea that I promptly spilled all over the table, the floor, my jeans, my breakfast and the chair. Thank … Continue reading

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more snow

The snow movers are going full push, literally, as they try to clear the snow from the highways and streets. We have had so much snow this winter. Now that today is finally, finally, normal temperature, we will probably see … Continue reading

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in the kitchen

The kitchen is never this tidy, but the “kitchen guy” wanted to come and take pictures for their website. So here you go. We have ordered chairs to tuck under the island, but they are so far back ordered, we … Continue reading

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lost and found

I have a to do list as long as my arm (I think I’ve gotten it up to 17 “things” or so) and I’ve probably forgotten a few, and the dog is inquiring about a walk. By enquiring, I mean … Continue reading

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