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around Banff

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t pouting when we got to our hotel in Banff. To make a comparison between the hotel in town and the cabin on the resort isn’t fair, because we were over-the-top spoiled at … Continue reading

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Athabasca bound

First there was Athabasca Falls, teeming with tourists; and amongst the legs was a barely-leash-trained basset. We resorted to carrying him when the people became too much, but covered ourselves with muddy footprints in the process! I felt a bit … Continue reading

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road trip

It turns out that the dog is road trip rock star. I absolutely wasn’t sure how a four month old puppy would manage on a 18 hour road trip, but he was amazing. Sleeping or contentedly chewing on a bone, … Continue reading

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just keep going at it

Some people like beach holidays. Not our family. Gotta be on the go every day, all day. See more, do more; that’s just the way we like it. Our vacations are planned well in advance, and one of the things … Continue reading

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sauerkraut soup

After the distraction-friendly holiday season, reality seems to be hitting quite hard these last few days. Perhaps it’s because the holidays were so good, and now we are into the quiet stretch leading into New Years (the quiet stretch that … Continue reading

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flashback Friday

Reminding myself… …of a wonderful summer… …and a great family trip… …with beautiful, hot weather… …because we’re getting a snow storm tomorrow!

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A vacation isn’t complete, I suppose, without a pile of bounty to show for it when finally home from the travels.  We really enjoyed the good food in Quebec, and on our trips into the countryside, we enjoyed sampling and … Continue reading

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