street scene


Chadd’s flat tire gave me the opportunity to take the bus to my dentist appointment. The only upside of the whole experience is that I got to people-watch from a whole new perspective.

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new project


Not sure how long it takes wool to dry…

Not sure what the end of this project will look like…

Not sure if I’ve even done this right…

And I’m really not sure that my neighbours don’t think I’m crazy. (I would.)

It all started with a stranger advertising that she had a new, freshly shorn sheep fleece.

Then there was rainwater and sheep sweat, brewing in a tub in the back yard.

Now it’s drying racks made out of window screen and leftover wood lattice.

Next comes the borrowed combs and bits of fluff and many hours later!

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Nothing else to see here…and to top it all off, the hippo hasn’t had his photo taken yet.

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brown cow


I was going to comment about how brown it is outside, but instead, here is a cinnamon coloured patchwork bull. There is a hippo currently in progress. More soon.

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What I’m learning in my Arborist course.

Lucky enough to find it on one of my junipers?

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My apple tree (far right in the photo) doesn’t look like that anymore, after that wild windstorm in the summer. Missing that large, central branch now.

Even though I’ve been taking that arborist course, I was still unsure how to prune for the best tree structure going forward. It didn’t look pretty, with a gaping wound in the front of the trunk, and the other branches compensating with oddly placed growth spurts.

With the advice I got from my instructor, I’m feeling good about pulling out the pruners. But it still makes me realize how much I have to learn!

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the sweetest thing


The chicken hot pad that my aunt taught me to make (last March, I kid you not) is finished and will be given to a good friend today.

The book was an unexpected, out-of-the-blue gift from my sister in law. I’m almost finished making the highland cow, and I can’t wait to start on the donkey! This is the most ultimately perfect book for using up all those left over balls of yarn that are sitting in the “what the heck do I do with these now?” yarn bin. And I love crocheting toys. They are fun and squishy and oh so sweet.

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