Things I Like

In no particular order, believe me.

Carlson Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil
The thing that was the most important to me about the Carlson brand is the testing on the product. They test for contaminants, lead, cadmium, and PCBs in the oil.

The Crusty Bun
The best. The people, the product, the service.

Canada Goose outerwear
Warm. Warm. Warm.

L’Occitane Skin Care products
Love this stuff. The shea butter is magic; and my husband smells so good!

Artazuri Garnacha 2008
Best red wine ever.

Anna magazine
This local magazine is divine. The photos are perfect and the recipes are incredible. I still can’t figure out why the chicken pot pie tastes like heaven in a ramekin; and salads were never this easy or this perfect before Anna magazine.

Happy Tiffin
I love the Happy Tiffin for lunches. And this is coming from someone who hated making lunches.

1 Response to Things I Like

  1. sonja says:

    we ate 30 pounds of honey already! HONEY! :) <3

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