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The change of the season is in full swing, and it’s like seeing it for the first time.  The eastern white pine was a surprise…I had no idea the needles turn gold in fall.  The Whiteshell is so pretty this … Continue reading

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Perfect temperatures over the weekend for a challenging bike ride on some trails at Falcon Lake.  I couldn’t have asked for a better cycling partner, either. He made me bring leather gloves so my hands wouldn’t get cold…he let me yell … Continue reading

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getting there

It’s heartfelt talks and lots of thinking.  It’s evaluating what’s important and what needs to be said.  It’s weighing the outcome with how to be true to values and self.  It’s forgiving and moving forward.  It’s all about getting there… …but … Continue reading

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Looking for some simple and easy, and having to deal with a lot of monkey business before I get it… What I wouldn’t give, just to be hanging around in the sunshine…

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The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. Thomas Moore, 19th century poet

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A simple concept.  A team effort. All that’s needed is string, strong wind, someone to toss it skyward, and another to hold the spool.  The excitement of getting the kite aloft, and the energy felt in the tug of the string. … Continue reading

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campsite at falcon lake

We have camped in Bay 3 before, but our choice of campsite was an unusually good one this year.  The mossy area was just big enough for our itty bitty three-person tent; the triangle of trees just right for our laundry … Continue reading

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