this time


Lemon tree flowers and new leaves and Christmas; it’s a funny time. We have done so much decorating around the house, and the tree is up and trimmed. So pretty. And of course there is me, in the middle of it all; up, down, panicking, fine, organizing, panicking, organizing.

So this is Christmas…for me; as usual!

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that pang


Black rock beaches.

To be in the here and now, and yet to wish a quick transportation back to the black rock beach.

But I’m here, and so…

It’s only frosty here instead of snowy; the grass is still green and I don’t mind it at all. I’m thinking of doing all my Christmas shopping this weekend at a local craft market. Make some scones and some paper snowflakes for the windows. Wash my wool winter coat and finish the thumbs on those mittens.

And have a quick espresso!

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A Man Called Ove was an excellent book. Easy, lovely, light reading in a nice, insightfully sweet kind of way.

The current read, Cold Sassy Tree, is starting off well. The narrative is done in a southern accent, so I’m paying attention, y’all.

And the carrots? The teeny-tiny-didn’t-grow in the garden carrots? A nice snack, shared around the table with artichoke Parmesan dip. Not while listening to the book, of course. Too crunchy.

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sadness and gladness


Still in love with the Linen Stitch scarf. There is a lot of pretty in this, and the rhythm-inducing pattern has me wanting to finish just one more row. I am glad for the simple beauty, because I am definitely a simple knitter at the moment.

Simple is nice, but motivated would be ok, too. Since our return home, I’ve been trying to find my footing, or just a sense of normal in the everyday. It is still coming back, I suppose, but in the meantime, we’ve been faced with sadness, too; three funerals this month.

And so I’ll take the simple, and work with it. Life seems so complicated at the moment.

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fly swatting

Burning question of the day: can one take a photo of a fly swatter and make it look artistic?

Fruit fly infestation on this end, and last night I got tired of waiting for them to fly into the carefully baited traps. Out came the swatter. Bam. Bam. Bam. The upside is, of course, that my reflexes are now whip fast. The downside is that my neck is sore from craning. They like to congregate on the ceiling in the evening…

And the knitting is once again in the honeymoon stage. The pattern is called linen stitch shawl. The finished dimensions are 14″ wide by 72″ long, which in my book is a scarf. Just because no one wants to knit a scarf anymore, doesn’t mean that it is a shawl. But I’ve been looking for a pattern for this yarn since I bought it five (6? 7?) years ago. I think it was my third ever yarn purchase. I bought it thinking that I would make a pretty shawl for my folk dance costume, so I picked rust and orange and gold and navy, in a fingering wool weight yarn, and lots of it. Two balls got made into mitts, and I think one other ball of the navy got knit into something else. With the last four balls (two navy, one gold and one orange) I think I’ve finally got the perfect pattern to finish off that yarn. And right now, I can’t put it down…which is good, because if I’m lucky and my calculations are correct, the scarf will end up being eight feet long!

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Looks can be deceptive; he’s not all sweet snuggles, but he does love his daddy.

He was acting quite spiteful after we returned home from our trip, getting into no lack of trouble, but the last straw was when he jumped up to the counter and stole 16 homemade bread buns. Ate them all in less time than it takes to use the ladies room, and when discovered was completely unrepentant.

The new punishment is the squirt bottle, filled with nothing worse than tap water. It’s working, so well that it’s crazy we didn’t think of this sooner. And I’m glad, because “sweet thing” can be a bit unreasonable at times.

Repentance still isn’t in the cards, though :)

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a good book


Finding a good book is getting harder and harder for me. (Almost as hard as finding the basset who likes to hide in the rhubarb!)

The latest disaster was the book “The Lost Landscape.” (Ugggg. That book lost me when it wouldn’t stop being narrated by Happy Chicken, the pet chicken. Ever heard a pet chicken talk about chicken poop? You don’t want to.)

I’ve switched to audio books and the Hoopla app since our flight back home. Air Canada was nice enough to offer “The Girl on the Train” as a audio, and while the book was interesting, being read to was great. And so was “The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper.” I’m now starting “A Man called Ove.” Hopefully good listening…because a good audio book gets rid of that lonely feeling I sometimes get when I’m home alone. I’m busy with the laundry and the cooking and the baking and the cleaning, but while I’m doing all those things, the brain is a blank.

I can’t quite describe that feeling of not wanting to live in my own brain quite that much. And while that thought makes me feel a bit sheepish, I do like being entertained, and I don’t like watching television.

So. I’m plugged into my phone and ready to go. Chapter One.

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