that sweet william


I’m trying to garden. I’m trying…to get this sweet hound to stop eating my garden.

Would you believe he has a taste for my Sooty sweet william that I planted last year? He also thinks my tulips taste great. He’s driving me crazy as I try to deter the munching with some tomato cages.

He also likes eating from the pile of weeds that I’ve just pulled. And he likes the gooseberry bush…with the thorns. Do you think I could start a pot of lettuce and cat grass just for him? Or would that be setting a really bad precedent?

Someone told me to sprinkle all my plants with cayenne pepper. But could you do that to that face? That sweet, tender little muzzle?

Not me!

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it is good


Butterfly Garden 2015

It is good, but it’s also going to be in point form…

:: a portion of Sunday was spent bent over double under the stairs.

:: it turns out there was stuff to donate to the church garage sale.

:: all Saturday was spent waiting for inspiration of Sunday’s sermon.

:: Sunday’s sermon went fine.

:: I have 11 more stamps for my letters that I mail on Monday.

:: the gooseberry bushes have tiny green leaves on them.

:: Loki eats the sweet william every time he is let out into the backyard.

:: it’s flying by, the week.

:: the lemon tree is covered with small, green lemons.

:: I want to cut off the smallest ones, so we actually get lemons.

:: the sun is shining!

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Puppy 2013

Yesterday was Odin’s third birthday. I just look back at the last three years and laugh. What a headstrong, stubborn, growlly beast! Those teeth! And so incredibly smart, it’s frustrating. My boy.

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Funny how things turn into memories so quickly…

And how I can’t seem to keep up with a record of it all…

Three weeks ago, our minister asked the congregation if any individuals would be able to visit some of our community members that live in personal care homes, or are shut-ins. It’s a great idea, and a very thoughtful one, but…I can’t. Our church community is in a town at least a half hour away, and I’m not in a position to dedicate that much driving and time in my day.

But at the same time, the request sat with me.

I am at a point right now, where I’m feeling that life fairly swirls around me. Last week alone, I went to a chorale concert, consulted with a school for a new front garden design, went to a musical, saw a play at the theatre, did a couple workouts, and will be going to a music recital later today after I go shopping. The dogs and I had a great walk in the woods this morning, and I still have to scrub the tile in the bathroom, and dream up something for supper. I work tomorrow, and my mother-in-law needs to come over in the evening to learn how to use FaceBook.

Sometimes, I wonder what I would do, if I didn’t have all that to do; my life wasn’t always this way. And so the request stayed with me…and my answer was to do what I could.

I could write a letter. I could write a letter once a week, and say hello. Hello, I don’t know anything about you, other than the fact that you are lonely and maybe, just maybe, you would like a letter to read, and know that someone cares enough to think about you.

So, I did. Two letters have been written, both mailed on a Monday, a week apart. There will be another one mailed next Monday, at the start of another busy week. I try to make them funny, and interesting…in one letter, describing how tentatively Elena scratched the young bull’s head at the Winter Fair, and how fascinated/grossed-out she was when the bull stuck his tongue up his nose!

Little memories. Like how, when I was taking the dogs for the walk in the woods, they both found a scent; Odin sniffing so hard to track it, that he was spraying snuffles of snow. Bunny? Mouse? Deer? He liked it, anyway!

Little memories, and making more.

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a strange bed

Oh, my Loki! Every once in a while, he reminds me that life was hard for him in the beginning. Last night, he woke up whining at 1:30, and then again at 4:30. I thought I’d be able to settle him in his kennel, but when I got downstairs, he was desperately trying not to throw up. I opened the kennel, and he ran to the back door to go outside.

This was a very frequent occurrence in the first few months that we had him; now that his system has regulated to food consumption, he only gets like this once in a while. Always at night, though. So I spend about an hour, massaging his stomach, shoulders and throat until he feels better. There is usually a huge burp as a result of the massage, and then I know he’ll start calming down.

Long night, though. On the floor in the living room, which was where I stayed with him to sleep.

Beautiful sunny morning, too.

I got confused about Sonja’s schedule (went to bed thinking that she’d be leaving the house around 10:30) and didn’t bother giving her a wake-up call in the morning. Oops…on Wednesday she starts class at 9:30…but she’s been having a modified schedule all week due to no science labs because of Good Friday…but she ended up sleeping through all her alarms, and I felt bad, so I drove her to university.

NOT something I do if I’ve taken the time to wake her up. Then, she’s on her own. When it gets a bit warmer, her bike is a better option than the bus, anyway; gets her there faster.

It is Wednesday, of course, so that means that Elena has a spare first thing, because the teachers have Colaborative Wednesday, which means they spend an hour of what Used To Be class time discussing strategies and student; which the students refer to affectionately as “late start Wednesday’s.” And because Elena takes band, some Wednesdays she has a band spare in addition to her late start, so she doesn’t start class until 10:45.

To drive Elena to school in the winter takes 10 minutes, round trip. To drive Sonja to Uni takes 20 minutes round-trip. And so it is now 11:00 in the morning, my day feeling like it is half gone, and…so goes my Wednesday!


Odin and Loki and yogurt

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Holst Garn-I want it all





Holst Garn



Shade Card




I had to get the shade cards for the Supersoft Holst Garn, and this is why; the gorgeous variations in the shades were not so clearly evident on the screen.

And now I want it all…how does one choose?

The wool/silk blend (Samarkand) that I did order (in Ebony) is entirely different than I was expecting. It is very much coarser than what I was preparing for, but I am currently knitting a swatch, and will report back after it is knit and washed. The reviews mention that it softens and fluffs after washing, so I am holding off my opinion until that is all done. So far, on size 3.25 mm needles, the fabric is very open, and the knit looks very uneven. I am looking forward to blocking!

In other news, Elena has her beginner driving license, and we have been going out to practice in traffic. She is doing well, and my new grey hairs are, I think, almost unnoticeable.

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I love it

The pattern was almost what I wanted, but I couldn’t convince myself to knit it. I was very sure that it wouldn’t turn out right, and I didn’t go out of my way to buy he yarn that I would need to make it. Somehow, I ended up at the yarn store, and bought two skeins of Yarn and Soul alpaca. My friend said it wouldn’t be enough to make a sweater, and the pattern said that, too.


I made some modifications to compensate for the lack of yarn, and I made some modifications to compensate for finished measurements. Plus, I didn’t like the sleeves.


I am so happy with the finished result, even if I can’t take all the credit for it.  When I soaked the sweater to block it, it lengthened about three inches.  I swear the yarn did that involuntarily.  It is alpaca, after all.  I can take credit for changing the neck, and the sleeves, and the width on the bottom.  And I can do a little happy dance, because I will wear it outside the house!


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