the sweetest thing


The chicken hot pad that my aunt taught me to make (last March, I kid you not) is finished and will be given to a good friend today.

The book was an unexpected, out-of-the-blue gift from my sister in law. I’m almost finished making the highland cow, and I can’t wait to start on the donkey! This is the most ultimately perfect book for using up all those left over balls of yarn that are sitting in the “what the heck do I do with these now?” yarn bin. And I love crocheting toys. They are fun and squishy and oh so sweet.

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orchid show


The woman who doesn’t grow house plants (me) apparently now does…nine succulents at last count, a lemon tree, a pencil tree, and an orchid that needed some help.


It was neat to be on the receiving end of plant advice; nice to hear from real orchid growers instead of trying to piece it together from Google.

I now have a nicely repotted orchid. I’m so excited to see how it does.

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I’m not sure what to do with March


1. Surround myself with flowers?

2. Pretend day-light savings time never happened?

3. Knit more?

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two a toe


Elena finally got another pair. She has worn out the most hand-knit socks of anyone in this family.
Wool: Cascade Heritage Wave, colour Checkers
Pattern: Oak Ribbed Sock from “Knitting Vintage Socks”
Loved both; socks, wool and pattern!

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the concept of


I mentioned to my girlfriend that I was tired of adulting. She didn’t understand. Not that I don’t wish to be an adult anymore, I merely wish to be relinquished of all responsibilities relating to my adult life. Just a reprieve, if you will. This sudden urge came yesterday, after Chadd got hung up on a snow drift with his car a few hours from home, and the snow drift (which was in the middle of the gravel road) took his front spoiler off and loosened the front bumper.

A more adult person may remark that this winter has been difficult for driving, but my only response is that I no longer wish to be adulting enough to have to deal with this sort of stuff. I’ll get back into the thick of things shortly, OK? Just let me stare at pretty pictures of summer flowers and knit for a while!

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the knitted tube is done


Too busy to be introspective these days…but there isn’t much point in being introspective anyway. Life continues as is, with me not disconnecting from distractions. I love my iPad too much. The romantic notion of me working diligently and productively all day is in my head, only.

Of course, I would have to be home to work diligently and productively. This morning, we took the dogs to visit the house of the new dog sitter (lovely and wonderful!) and then I spent the afternoon skiing.

And now, instead of studying for my arborist course, I am putting the heel flap on Elena’s second sock. I also tried a stint of sweater knitting almost all day Saturday. Unsuccessful. I did discover the 6 stitch to one inch gauge on 3.25 mm needles while knitting in the round; thank goodness that info will be useful shortly. Hopefully shortly. I went from the mitten knitting jag to the sock knitting. I’ve already wound the next ball of yarn. It’s some kind of spectacular self-striping…I can’t wait.

The arborist course is fascinating, and I’m learning so much more than I knew existed. Soil science is actually really interesting. The plant ID portion at the end of each class made me yearn to get my hands on some greenery, so I cleaned up the lemon tree. Wiped, trimmed, aerated and watered. I’m also thrilled to announce that after one full year, my orchid has decided to rebloom. New leaves and new shoots. The succulent on the kitchen sill bloomed over Christmas, and has since sent out new growth as well. Have I mentioned how much I love my south-facing windows? (Which at the moment are showing the vast expanse of white snow? Good thing I’m so fond of skiing!)

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the newest socks


The to-do list has “work on crocheted chicken” written on it. Also: return gloves; sourdough starter; bus tickets; walk dogs. None of which has been done yet.

I’m feeling like I’m falling behind. Thank goodness the list also said “Elena sock.”

Ta-da! Accomplishment!

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