Because it was only a whole Christmas late…but honestly, the delay was only due to the steeking and the zipper…there is a little bit of embarrassment mixed in with the pride!

The knit was pretty easy, with some modifications. I shortened it from coat-length, didn’t put the pockets in, changed the button band to a zipper, and added a contrasting colour for the cast on, and the crochet on the zipper.

I would totally do it again; I love Lopi patterns. Zippers are useful…I just wouldn’t do the steek according to Lopi directions!

It looks very, very good when worn. The sweater hits mid-hip, and the sleeves are just past the wrist. The white was a very good choice for the yoke, thanks to my friend who was there when I was picking out the wool. I am so very happy to finally give it to my very patient sister-in-law!

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up to there


I’ve gotten the sock to the ankle, and now I’m going to start the other one. My worry had been that by the time I finished the foot, I would have forgotten what I did for the calf, not to mention the heel, so I’ll work them both together.

I know Odin’s muzzle looks funny in the picture, but that’s just what basset muzzles do.

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there’s a lot of white outside


The sun is shining and the dogs are sleeping in the sunny spots. I’m about to run off on another errand…February, I wish you had been a little warmer!

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best afternoon ever


The dog, he is snoring. He is snoring while napping on a blanket made by my grandma, and a blanket made by me. Sweetest dreams, ever.

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reading, now

I used to be a reader. I’d like to be one again.


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was recommended to me, as was The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry. Both were very good reads. Ghosts Have Warm Hands was one my brother told me about. It was a war journal from the First World War, and very interesting. The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden was one that I couldn’t get into easily.

The trip to the library yesterday was for some Calvin and Hobbes comics for Elena, but I grabbed a couple of books for myself in the Royal Spyness Mystery series. Some nice fluffy mystery for the middle of winter. So far, very nice.

But I am going to have to figure out how to cosy up my “knitting and reading corner.” When we built the house, we designed a corner just for me, a space where I could sit and relax. After some furniture rearranging, we bought a vintage day bed for the corner, which works well for reclining and entertaining, but does very little in the way of a comfortable knitting or reading spot. More pillows may be needed.

Or maybe I could just take over Chadd’s comfy chair…

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the knitting, it is not thrilling

What to do when it’s just not right?

You don’t believe me, do you?

Let’s begin…


These mitts (Malabrigo Mecha) are fine. They were knit for me, and they fit. I tweaked the pattern slightly, and made a longer cuff. I love the colour, but I wish the stitches weren’t quite so defined. Somehow, the yarn is a bit “harder” than I like in a mitt. Also, I won’t be using those gusset increases for the thumb ever again. They made holes…in a mitt…which doesn’t need ventilation.


This touque used only two of the three skeins that I have in this colour…and does not suit a single person who has tried it on.


This is five hours of airplane knitting. The pattern is great and I love the yarn, but with the gradient change, the lace pattern isn’t showing up in the dark portion. I also had to rescue a couple dropped stitches, and I’m not sure I got the pattern back in the right place. So, do I continue?


A ski sock that I wish I was knitting on a circular needle.


My favourite yarn, √Ālafoss Lopi, which has tried to be a cowl…three times, with two different patterns.

So…the only thing I could think of to do was to go to the yarn store again. Shibui silk cloud, anyone?

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I need more sunshine

As soon as I mention that we’ve been away somewhere hot, the first question back at me is, “How did you like it?”

Truthfully, of course it was lovely; warm, sunny, fun and relaxing, and I’ve never been that well taken care of in my life. Food served, bed made, new and interesting things to do and see, everyday.

Home, as wonderful as it is; fuzzy warm bassets, interesting kids, decent weather…is just not quite the same as lying on the beach, being served mojitos in the shade of a palm tree.





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