the milestones


I don’t know what I’m thinking these days.

I’m thinking that I was not expecting so many ‘firsts’ this spring.

For one thing, there is the daughter who turned 18. And all the wonky thoughts that go along with that, such as “am I old now?”

For another, there is the husband who has taken up woodworking. And made beautiful, useful furniture, which I took a nap on today, in the sunshine. On my deck.

And then, of course, that beautiful spring weather in April…not that that is a first, but the snow storm and subsequent freeze up on May long weekend was memorable.

Memorable because I’m working 5 days a week outside the house for the first time in 18 years. Same time frame as it takes for a baby to become an adult. Hmmmm.

Another first is the backyard that was there in the fall, but hello first spring with the backyard planted and I’m so excited, all I want to do is stare at crab apple blooms. And cherry blooms and saskatoon blooms. And I got the kitchen garden planted today and I just want to pet the herbs all day. And analyze the clover that is coming up from the seeding last week. The tiny clusters of two leaves, just sprouted.

I’m thinking that even though baseball season is not a first (far from it), what is new is how relaxed I feel about the season. Prepared, even. Strange, even.

Another first is the trip preparation to send the now adult daughter to Denmark for the dance festival she will be attending.

Is there more? Yep, the kids have agreed to clean the bathrooms, each once a week. Having a dirty kitchen does not bother me as much as a dirty bathroom. The combination of unexpected visitors and dirty bathrooms make me cringe. Which is not a concern anymore. Which is awesome.

Also a first is mornings that start so much earlier because of a hound who cannot sleep in. But thank goodness for seconds, thirds and even fourths of that wonderful thing called coffee. On my deck, on the couch, in the morning. A beautiful spring first.

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bliss bliss bliss


Glorious, amazing, beautiful backyard. With blossoms!

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Tuesday night wiener roast


The first of the season, on a calm Tuesday night.

The backyard is so exactly perfect. And to get to sit outside on a cool, dark evening with no bugs (yet!) was just so great. And those stumps…how awesome are those stumps!

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things that surprise me


I wasn’t expecting to see a lamb today.

The bigger of our two dogs is a bigger suck when it comes to baths.

I fell asleep on the deck in the sunshine. I was sandwiched in between two very soft, very clean dogs.

Brushing a basset after a bath takes off the finest, fluffiest, whitest undercoat. Clouds and clouds of it.

Chadd made a couch and a chair for the deck. Without a pattern, by looking at a picture.

My internal clock is set to 6:15 every morning, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend.

How much I’m looking forward to reading in bed tonight.

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only sunday

Loki is at the back patio door, trying to convince me to let him out in the rain, just so he can chase the fat robin away. Meanwhile, I’m trying to convince him that I want the robins in the yard.

The backyard planting included a Starlite crabapple (malus baccata ‘Jefstar’) in front of the living room windows. I was (am) hoping that planing the tree would deter the birds from charging into the windows, but I wasn’t expecting a robin to perch on the top branches and have a take-away lunch of the leftover fruit still hanging on the tree!

The weather this April has been so nice, you’d swear we’re half way through May instead. There are the smallest leaves on the crabapple, and I bet you anything I’ll have tulips in bloom by May…


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I love coffee


I am so happy coffee tastes like coffee again.

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not even


Just on the tail end of two terrible weeks of sickness. There was a lot of not even being able to turn over, lift a finger or do much more than cough, wheeze and blow the poor, beleaguered nose. The coconut oil I applied In an attempt to moisturize, resulted in a raised, hot, painful rash to most of my face.

Don’t even imagine there was knitting. Or reading, or anything that involved focusing the eyes.

But, a couple more days may just declare us “all better.” It will be a happy day when I have my sense of smell and taste back!

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