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lost under the pile

I have a love/hate relationship with organizing.  I love how great it is after everything is reorganized. I hate the mess that getting organized makes.  (And where to put all the displaced stuff that I don’t want to throw out … Continue reading

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soap and chocolate sprinkles

Cinnamon…I know…cinnamon in soap.  It’s a lovely invention.  The other one is lavendar, and I’m almost afraid to use it because I am sure I’ll fall asleep in the shower.  Another marvelous invention is chocoladehagel: chocolate sprinkles eaten on toast.  … Continue reading

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friday, again?

Or maybe I should have said, “So soon?” My mother-in-law came over on Tuesday of this week. I love Tuesdays, because not only is it a day I don’t work, but we are not running anywhere in the evening, either. … Continue reading

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food and all the rest of it

I made pink risotto last night.  Not intentionally.  And I didn’t take its picture.  It tasted fine.  I realized that I am not an improvisational chef.  There is a reason that beet greens are not subbed for kale in risotto.  … Continue reading

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the last of it

The last of the apple jelly is being made today. It’s almost embarrassing how long it has taken. They apples were not very juicy by the time I was cutting them up, so I had to do the unthinkable and … Continue reading

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corner view ~ october

It’s October, and the spiders seem to be showing up in our basement on almost a daily basis. Strangely enough, each day a spider would be found in the exact same spot as the day before. Almost as though I … Continue reading

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happy day after thanksgiving

First of all, Thanksgiving was wonderful, thank you. Two great gatherings, good food and the very first Winnipeg Jets Hockey game after a 15 year hiatus. It was just all around good. I wasn’t expecting to be under the weather … Continue reading

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