The lilies have finished for the season, but they were pretty glorious. Even though the leaves did end up with quite a few holes from the lily beetle, I managed to “pick and squish” my way ahead of that hoard. Orange fingers were the result of that, but I’m happy to do them in with that satisfying crunch.

Bugs are fun; and I had more ladybug larvae this year than I’ve ever had before. That was neat to watch, as the infestations of aphids were devoured by those helpful garden friends.

It’s been so very dry this summer, and I don’t enjoy hauling out the hose, so the plants have (for the most part) been surviving on their own. And so, we’ve enjoyed saskatoon berry season, raspberry season, and sour cherry season. All from the backyard. The only harvest that seemed affected by the lack of rain was the raspberry, but even it did well enough that I’ll be able to make a batch of jam.

And then I’ll be inspired to make scones to go with it!

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