today is a day of errands

And I’m trying to gear myself up for it. You see, there was an incident not long after the dog died, which involved me, accelerating on a bridge and then fish-tailing my way across two lanes of traffic. It ended as well as it could; the only thing I am now missing is a corner of my back bumper (the side rail of the bridge claimed it) and my confidence now resembles exhaust fumes.

That’s just one of the things neglectfully not mentioned in the past month. The other is that there is a brand NEW driver in the household; Sonja is now in possession of her very own beginners license! She has been driving here and there in the city, short trips to get “her wheels under her,” so to speak. But the best driving excursion yet was a trip out to Grandpa’s on Boxing Day. Daddy took her for about 45 minutes to my old school and back, and then Grandpa took her around the around the area, including town, highway and two bridges! She gave me the thumbs-up when she returned from the trip with Grandpa, saying that because Grandpa was calmer, she did not tense up as she had with Daddy. (Apparently, the trip with Daddy had resulted in a butt-cramp when she exited the drivers seat!)

So off I go today, (saying a little prayer for the other drivers on the road with me!) and calling ahead to the shops for the very special birthday related errand items (because there is nothing worse than doing the driving only to find out that they don’t have what you want!) and then coming home to some knitting that is going very, very well. More on that later, because for now, lunches must be made and I have a prior engagement with the exercise bike…


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